Roasted beef & lamb in a pita with homemade tzatziki sauce
Rack of Lamb
Grilled & served on a bed of rice with sauteed vegetables
Neopolitan Pork
Pan fried pork chop served with sauteed vegetables on a bed of rice
Sauteed with vegetables served on a bed of rice
Fresh sough, mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce with choice of pepperoni or meatballs
Athenian Lemon chicken
Grilled & served on a bed of rice with sauteed vegetables
Housemade with cheese, beef & vegetables
Spaghetti & Meatballs (or sausage)
A classic prepared with Sicilian twist
Mixed Seafood Pasta
Mussels, clams & shrimp tossed with fresh pasta in a lemon butter sauce
Greek Chicken Salad (or Salmon)
Tender moist chicken breast served atop a bed of lettuce with fresh veggies, olives & feta
Tortellini Romano/Ravioli
Cheese filled, with sauteed vegetables & light tomato cream sauce
Chicken Fettuccine
With housemade Alfredo sauce
Tender eggplant, pan fried to perfection & topped with tomato sauce & cheese serverd on a bed of rice
Traditional Scampi
Fresh jumbo prawns sauteed in a lemon, wine & garlic sauce


6 inch Pita Pizza
Pepperoni, Meatballs, gyro meat or cheese
$6 or ($8 with salad)
Cheese Burger
$6 or ($8 with salad)
Fish Sticks
$6 or ($8 with salad)


all soups housemade
Crab Bisque
Fresh crab, fresh vegetables with a cream broth
Beef Barley
A hearty stew of beef, barley & vegetables.
French Onion Gratin'ee
Sweet onion soup topped with bubbling cheese
A Russian favorite with lamb, beef, beans, fresh beets & vegetables


Hummus Plate
Housemade hummus with pita, feta, olives & tomatoes
Cheesy Garlic Pita Bread


Soft Drinks   $2

  • Cola
  • Diet cola
  • misc drinks
  • Bundaberg Austrailian root beer

Coffee or Tea   $2

Beer   $3

  • Bud; Budlight
  • Stella Artois
  • Corona
  • Kokanne
  • Sam Adams
  • Modelo

Wine (see wine list)

Glass - $6
Bottle - $20


A tasty desert with layer upon layer of Greek Phyllo dough, nuts, spices & Honey
Chocolate cake with cream, lady finger cookies & shaved chocolate
Crème brûlée
"burnt cream" A rich custard base topped with caramel
Ice Cream